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* All our records are graded insert/cover first, where applicable. All our vinyl is at least VG condition and plays really well. All our CDs are unscratched. If you have any queries, or want to reserve an item(s), don't hesitate to get in touch! - my email is or

* I do aim to keep prices as low as possible. Please feel free to compare my prices with big sites such as Esprit and specialist sites like Relentless and Rage Mail Order (PSB specialists). I will always aim to match or better prices from those sites.

* If something isn't listed here, I can try and find it for you locally, at no cost to yourself. To take advantage of my free, no-obligation-to-buy record finding service, email me at one of the addresses above.

(UK £)
(US $)
CDS Depeche Mode World In My Eyes US 1-track promo - contains the album version (4:25) PRO-CD-
1990 Sire EX/EX 5 8
12" The Human League Human US 12" - contains extended mix, acapella & instrumental SP-12197 1986 A&M VG/VG+ 7 11.25
12" The Human League Don't You Want Me UK 12" promo - custom p/s, Red Jerry & Snap 12" remixes VSTDJ1557 1995 Virgin VG/EX 5 8
12" Phil Oakey & Giorgio M. Good-Bye Bad Times US 12" white-label - contains extended mix & instrumental SP-12141 1985 A&M -/EX 6 9.75
12" Pet Shop Boys/Bowie Hallo Spaceboy US 12" white-label - ultra rare with 4 superb mixes - 3 are unreleased. Relentless sells this for £60... SPRO-11513 1995 Virgin -/EX 53 85
12" Pet Shop Boys I Want A Dog/I'm Not Scared US 12" from the US Introspective promo 3x12" set. Just the LP versions, but a very nice item SPRO# 04232 1988 EMI -/VG+ 10 16
12" Pet Shop Boys Music For Boys MEGA-RARE UK 12" white-label, only 300 copies in existence. Rarely seen as it contains the superb, exclusive Chris Lowe remix. It pains me to sell it... 12 MFB 1 1991 - -/EX 80 128
12" Pet Shop Boys So Hard US 12" with extended, single & dance mixes, plus It Must Be Obvious V-56194 1990 EMI VG/VG+ 5 8
12" Pet Shop Boys Discoteca UK 12" promo w/ PSB extended & the great Trouser Enthusiasts mix, in a tasteful lime green custom p/s 12RDJ 6542 1996 Parlo. VG+/EX 12.50 20
CDS Pet Shop Boys How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? US CD maxi-single: 3 mixes of HCYETBTS?, and 1 mix of It's Alright, WAFBITD and Being Boring. A real good value buy for the beginner and experienced collector alike. E2-56205 1991 EMI EX/EX 10 16
CD Pet Shop Boys Relentless UK CD - normally comes with the scarce Very/Relentless set, but this is just the Relentless CD in its card sleeve, at a bargain price. A must-have if you don't already own it. CDPCSDX 1432 1993 Parlo. VG+/EX 15 24